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Please find below communications materials for you to utilize in your ongoing advocacy work amidst the crisis of COVID-19. If you have any questions or content you think others might benefit from seeing, please email us.


Social Media Content

Increased Risk:
Content focused on the connection between NCDs and increased risk for COVID-19 complications

Healthy Eating:
Content focused on maintaining healthy eating habits during a pandemic

Physical Activity:
Content focused on staying physically active while staying at home

News Media Content

Healthy Diet: Nutrition: A key weapon in the fight against COVID-19
Jamaica Gleaner 6/21/20

Increased Risk: Coronavirus and diabetes: the different risks for people with type 1 and type 2
The Conversation 6/1/20

Healthy Diet: Por confinamiento, aumenta exposición a publicidad de comida chatarra: especialistas
Milenio 4/29/20

Increased Risk: How Poor Diet Contributes to Coronavirus Risk
NY Times 4/20/20

Increased Risk: Coronavirus disproportionately affects obese patients, CDC finds
NY Post 4/15/20

Increased Risk: Who’s Hit Hardest By COVID-19? Why Obesity, Stress & Race All Matter
National Public Radio 4/18/20

Increased Risk: Obesity Linked to Severe Coronavirus Disease, Especially in Younger Patients
NY Times 4/17/20

Increased Risk: Coronavirus, Diabetes, Obesity & Other Underlying Conditions: Which Patients are Most at Risk?
USA Today 4/15/20

Increased Risk: The Coronavirus is Particularly Unkind to Those Who Are Obese
LA Times 4/14/20

Increased Risk: Obesity is Major COVID-19 Risk Factor, Says French Chief Epidemiologist
Reuters 4/8/20

Increased Risk: Why is New Orleans’ Coronavirus Death Rate Twice New York’s? Obesity is a Factor
Reuters 4/2/20

Healthy Diet: Facts (and Myths) About Boosting Your Immune System
Wall Street Journal 3/12/20