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Fangfang Luo, PhD

Fangfang Luo is the China in-country coordinator for the Road Safety program. She provides strategic planning, coordination and technical support to partners working on advocacy initiatives aimed at reducing road traffic fatalities and injuries. Fangfang is a lawyer with a Ph.D. in evidence law and two Master’s degrees in civil law (CUPL) and common law (CUHK). She was a visiting scholar at the UC Davis law school. Before joining the Global Health Advocacy Incubator, Fangfang worked as an Associated Researcher at the Road Traffic Safety Research Center of PRC Ministry of Public Security, contributing to the legislation and implementation of road safety at both national and subnational level in China. Fangfang is the author of the book Research on the Neutrality of Expert Witnesses, published in 2015 in China, and translator of the book Shocking Cases published in 2012 and 2018 in China. She is the coauthor of more than fifteen published books and the author of more than thirty published papers.