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Muhammad Ruhul Quddus

Muhammad Ruhul Quddus is the Bangladesh Country Lead for our Cardiovascular Health and Drowning Prevention programs. He provides strategic and technical support to partners advocating for the elimination of industrially produced trans fat from Bangladesh’s food supply as well as the adoption and expansion of a national drowning prevention program. Prior to joining the Global Health Advocacy Incubator, Muhammad worked for the Bangladesh Civil Service for more than three decades. During stints with the Ministry of Water Resources and Ministry of Labour and Employment, he helped to draft policies on water and labor issues. As joint secretary of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and coordinator of the government’s National Tobacco Control Cell, he coordinated governmental and nongovernmental tobacco control activities to reduce tobacco use. His responsibilities as an additional secretary in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare included, among others, drafting laws, rules and policies relating to health.