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Verónica Irene Schoj, MD

As Senior Advisor, Resolve to Save Lives, Dr. Verónica Schoj oversees the Global Health Advocacy Incubator’s work on Cardiovascular Health and Preventing Epidemics. Dr. Schoj has 20 years of experience working on NCD issues, in both civil society and public administration. Most recently, she was the National Director of Health Promotion and NCD Control at the Ministry of Health of Argentina, where she was in charge of more than ten national programs, including nutrition and obesity prevention, tobacco control, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, among others. From 2007 to 2017, Veronica co-founded and served as Executive Director of the Interamerican Heart Foundation-Argentina (FIC Argentina), an NGO working on advocacy and research in non-communicable diseases. Previously, she was at the Family Medicine Department of the Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires, where she worked in the Tobacco Control and Obesity programs.​