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We offer targeted expertise in every aspect of an advocacy campaign

We’ve provided technical assistance to nearly 15,000 advocates, journalists, and government officials.


We strengthen advocacy capacity and plan innovative campaigns.

We’ve supported more than 260 organizations plan and execute locally-led advocacy campaigns.


We know how to work in different countries, cultures, and contexts.

Our efforts have helped pass policies in more than 60 countries.

250Policy Wins

We know how to win advocacy campaigns.

We’ve helped civil society pass or strengthen more than 250 policies that improve health and save lives.

The Latest from the Global Health Advocacy Incubator

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Improving Public Health and Reducing Obesity Through Advocacy

The Global Health Advocacy Incubator is helping to reduce obesity rates through policy change and public awareness. Find out how an advocacy campaign in South Africa led to public health policy change.

Buckle Up Kids to Save Lives in the Philippines

Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults. Bloomberg Philanthropies wanted to save lives by strengthening road safety laws across the globe. We were ready to help.

Maternal and Reproductive Health in Tanzania

A program initiated by Bloomberg Philanthropies and H&B Agerup helped prevent the deaths of 2,200 mothers in the Kigoma region, one of the riskiest places in the country for women to give birth.

Protecting Heart Health in Brazil

Brazil approved strict limits on trans fat in food following strategic advocacy.

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Epidemic Preparedness in Nigeria

Nigeria doubled its federal, state and local funding over two years.

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Public Health Information Campaigns in Colombia

This victory followed a legal campaign against food and beverage industry efforts to influence the media.

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