The Global Health Advocacy Incubator has deep and broad experience proving that policy change saves lives. We take a specific, targeted approach to deliver health policy wins in countries around the world, in every type of government system.

Our path to policy change begins with data, evidence and global best practice. We start with the facts, then look carefully at the local landscape. We identify and build the capacity of local organizations and coalitions and precisely analyze the political, legal and media context before developing a custom strategy to achieve policy goals.

We ensure that campaign plans are executed effectively by quickly adapting to changing landscapes, filling in gaps wherever they appear and countering opposition. Our advocacy approach includes political mapping, strategic communications, legal analysis and more.

We have honed our proven approach using decades of experience and hundreds of documented successes, so we know our methodology makes change possible. What health policies can we help you pass? Contact us to learn more about ways we can work together to save lives.

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